Health insurance pays part of the cost of medical care when you need it. You pay a premium every month, and you have peace of mind knowing that if you need unexpected medical care, you won’t be responsible for paying the whole cost of the bill. You may have to pay a deductible first. After the deductible is met, health insurance pays for most of the cost for medical care, such as doctor or hospital visits, prescription drugs, tests, maternity care, and other health services you may Most health plans also have wellness (or preventive) services to help keep you healthy at no additional cost. These include visits such as annual checkups, mammograms, and vaccines.
Most people are required to have health insurance as part of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate. You can purchase a health plan during the annual Open Enrollment Period established by the law. You may be eligible to purchase health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment Period if you have a qualifying event, such as having a baby, getting married, or moving to a new county. Additionally, a subsidy is available to help pay some of the cost of a health plan for those who qualify. We can help you compare, buy and enroll in a plan that fits your budget and your needs.